Shrink Counter-Distortion and Livestock

Springtime at CSW usually means new product launches, and this year we rolled out our WrapIt™ counter distortion service for shrink packaging. Label printers who are new to the shrink packaging market come to CSW for help with optimizing label graphics for the shrink process. They save time and rework costs when they pivot away from manual calculation with multiple test runs, and try WrapIt™ instead.

This time of year also means new babies on the farm where our senior graphics specialist raises children, goats, chickens and rabbits. He took a break from applying WrapIt™ counter-distortion to animal dietary supplement labels and set up a mini petting zoo for us. From printed animals to real ones in just minutes.
Three pygmy goats and six angora rabbits. They all made it back to the farm – we checked everyone’s purses and pockets.

And the shrink label graphics? Already optimized and headed to press.