visualization services


design execution

Marketers and designers can stay focused on the Big Picture of branding, while CSW manages packaging design execution details from proofreading to line extensions. CSW’s aligned production art services expedite brand consistency. We efficiently populate established design concepts across multiple SKUs, flavor variations, regional and seasonal promotions while following and/or developing specific brand and packaging guidelines. Working in partnership with consumer product companies, converters and design agencies, CSW is a quality-controlled, turnkey extension to package design teams.

shrink counter-distortion

CSW’s WrapIt™ counter-distortion services for shrink packaging helps designers and printers preview and confirm high-distortion areas, long before a grid trial. Using precise engineering specs, CSW production artists adjust package designs to compensate for the projected effects. Clients approve an interactive 3D rendering and CSW sends the optimized artwork to print production. Our process reduces delays and costs associated with manual calculations and trial press runs. Optimized shrink packaging graphics, from ideation to final prepress.

WrapIt™ Overview (pdf)