diecut technology

technical consultation
for corrugated cutting dies

CSW diemakers and CAD operators, who have an average tenure of 15 years in the industry, provide technical consultation for corrugated cutting dies at one of three locations or press-side. From CAD engineering to die inventory management, they impart constant quality control with the expertise to ensure reduced waste and reliable, precise die cutting.

CAD optimization

CSW- produced dies consistently enable converters to maximize their capabilities based on OEM specifications. Pre-engineered by CAD operators with extensive hands-on die-making experience, each dieline is strictly evaluated for construction integrity with regard to stripping, ejection, waste and accuracy.

die repair services

CSW extends the life of older dies by re-rubbering or re-knifing damaged tooling, onsite or at one of three locations. With a dedicated delivery fleet, CSW can ensure the timely return of a fully functional cutting die to production. For ongoing high-volume needs, CSW can set up a die repair shop within a converter facility.

press-side assistance

CSW’s technical staff works side by side with diecut operators on press to diagnose and solve challenges with cutting, scoring and stripping, whether these arise from tooling or machinery issues

inventory management

CSW manufacturing facilities stock a large inventory of resale items such as rule, rubber, punches, boards and embossing type, available to order a la carte or set up in an automatic restocking program for convenience.

Download our Cutting Die Overview (PDF).