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flexo plates

CSW has advanced flexo platemaking innovation for over 70 years, often partnering with vendors to test new and emerging technologies as they are developed. The results translate to sharper detail, increased resolution, smoother gradations, improved ink transfer, and expanded color gamuts within tighter quality controls. Scroll down for more details about CSW’s product innovations for flexo printers.


HD-Gen2™ High Definition Digital Plate System

For flexographers who are tasked with quality that can compete with offset and gravure printing, CSW’s HD-Gen2™ delivers. Its 4000 dpi plate imaging combines with plate surface engineering to provide sharper detail, smoother vignettes, and superior solid ink densities.
HD-Gen2™ Overview (pdf)


WhiteFX™ Ink Transfer Solution

Solvent-based flexo web printers who use WhiteFX™ can achieve a smoother, more uniform white ink laydown on clear film and a dramatic reduction in pinholing. Whites look whiter and overprinted colors look brighter – in a single pass and at full production speeds.
WhiteFX™ Overview (pdf)


X-Corr™ Digital Plate System

The stronger, sharper flat top dot structure of an X-Corr™ digital plate provides corrugated printers with decreased dot gain and reduced fluting. On a single plate, vignettes will hold a 1-2% highlight, midtones stay open, and solid area densities remain strong.
X-Corr™ Overview (pdf)


FlexLT™ Integrated Mount

A modified in-position liquid photopolymer plate, FlexLT™ is available in any thickness. This integrated mount is lightweight, safer for operators to handle and can allow for faster runs. Ideal for multi-out corrugate print with uneven graphic coverage such as lids, trays and wraps.
FlexLT™ Overview (pdf)