diecut technology

rotary & flat cutting dies

CSW’s multiple production facilities provide increased capacity and geographic advantages in delivering accurate, efficient steel rule cutting dies for corrugated, plastic, foam and solid fiber packaging components. Download our Cutting Die Overview (PDF).
We combine automatic rule bending and processing, precision-cut ejection rubber and laser-burned flat and rotary die boards with an integrated CAD system to amplify 30 years of die making experience. Customers benefit from this knowledge resource through CSW’s pre-engineering, repair and technical consultation services.

E-Lift logo

E-Lift™ dies for Evol & Isowa

An investment in an Evol or Isowa flexo folder-gluer means converting speed is critical. Mechanical stripping dies often require longer lead times for production and are prone to rule failure, however. CSW’s E-Lift™ cutting dies solve both problems. They are produced 30% faster than other mechanical stripping dies, so dies are delivered sooner. The E-Lift™ system uses no gate holes in the rule and no routered voids in the die board, so presses have less down time.
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rotary cutting dies

With extensive stock cylinder sizes, ranging from 23″ to 88″, and custom size capabilities, CSW rotary cutting dies for corrugated meet every converter need. The XY™ Modular Die delivers uniquely reconfigurable tooling for more extended runs and reduced set-up times. CSW offers durable specialty dies that handle complex cuts with efficient stripping for Evol, Isowa, Hycorr, DRO, Martin and other equipment.

flat cutting dies

High-tech craftsmen produce precise, effective flat cutting dies for corrugated and protective packaging elements such as foam and plastic. CSW manufactures Bobst, Kwikset, Baysek and soft anvil dies, with laser precision and enhancements to prevent liner cracking and stripping.