diecut technology

Polytop MX® Ejection Material

Developed by engineers in the Netherlands, Polytop MX is a durable ejection material that significantly improves the speed and efficiency of CSW’s steel rule cutting dies for corrugated. CSW is one of only five vendors in the US who are licensed to use Polytop MX on our flat and rotary cutting dies. Corrugated converters around the globe report faster press speeds and less board cracking and dimpling, even with high recycled content.

• Reduces cracking
• More efficient stripping
• Faster press speeds
• More durable on long runs



success stories

“One of these Polytop dies has gone for over 2.5 million impressions – at high speed, with no repairs.”

Ron Vargas, Supervisor – International Paper


“We have chosen to run Polytop dies from CSW for all of our high-frequency, high-speed interior scrap sensitive items.”

Roger Breckenridge, Specialty Products Supervisor – PCA

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