workflow management

brand stewardship

Experts in packaging brand stewardship oversee package production from planning through final delivery, focusing on new opportunities in emerging technologies and materials. CSW’s technical and creative recommendations optimize structural design, control color to ensure consistency and establish design guidelines for brand integrity across all delivery platforms.

pre-production meetings

Education and training programs enable CSW to increase collaboration among brand management, agency teams and manufacturing partners to identify opportunities for improvement and proactively troubleshoot issues that may impact cost, delivery, or brand integrity.

standards & spec development

CSW develops and synchronizes tight specifications for brand standards and production criteria. These specs ensure that brands look coherent across every iteration of flavor, pack size and format, no matter where they are printed.

post-run evaluation

Evaluating print results for continued improvement brings CSW’s technical guidance full circle, providing yet another touchpoint to optimize brand design for future success and added efficiencies.