premedia services


CSW’s continual investment in image engineering technology contributes to dramatically improved color vibrancy and brand consistency. A comprehensive database of printer capabilities informs every packaging prepress separation – from line color reproduction to process and expanded color gamut printing. CSW measures the variables of each press configuration using state-of-the-art equipment for data acquisition and analysis. Every proof and every separation is executed against the resulting press profile for predictable, repeatable color without surprises.

Xcolor™ Expanded Color Gamut Printing

Flexo printers rely on CSW to help them take full advantage of  Xcolor™ expanded color gamut (ECG) separations.  Xcolor™ ECG enables printers to reduce inventory and changeover times, and allows brand owners to gang multiple SKUs or promotional designs without compromising quality. The predictable brand color produced more efficiently, even in this age of regional, seasonal, and personalized packaging.
Xcolor™ Overview (pdf)


WrapIt™ Counter-Distortion Service

Using container geometry and production film specs, CSW’s WrapIt™ counter-distortion service tailors dielines, adjusts copy placement, and compensates for the graphic distortion inherent to shrink packaging production. Our process reduces delays and costs associated with manual calculations and trial press runs. Optimized shrink packaging graphics at any stage – from ideation to final prepress.
WrapIt™ Overview (pdf)


Ink-Spect™ Ink Coverage Analysis

CSW has provided thousands of Ink-Spect™ reports since 2014, allowing our clients to better understand their costs and maximize profits. Fast, accurate ink reports for better flexo print estimating and inventory management – no more waiting on final separations for ink coverage data.
Flexo Ink Consumption White Paper (pdf)