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packaging made better: case studies & innovations

We are the engine that can power your brand packaging beyond the capabilities of traditional agency and printer partnerships. While most marketers speak one language and printers another, CSW provides your team with a common vocabulary – plus access to exclusive products we’ve developed to solve specific issues.

With a solid base of technical expertise and approachable communicators, CSW’s agility and commitment to quality will streamline your brand’s journey to market. Scroll down to learn exactly how we can bring your Big Ideas to a flawlessly efficient on-shelf reality.

case studies

Yellowtail Sweet Red Roo
International launch, complex fulfillment & printing challenges.
Yellow Tail case study (pdf)


Nestlé Pure Life Global Redesign
Rapid-response prototypes & color-managed, high-definition separations.
Nestlé case study (pdf)


BJ’s Wholesale Simply H2O
Demanding promotional partners, challenging imagery, and complex color.
BJ’s Wholesale case study (pdf)


NWNA Expanded Color Gamut
Major transition in color reproduction requires seamless collaboration.
NWNA ECG case study (pdf)

product innovations – label & web


Xcolor™ Extended Gamut Process
Bigger gamut, efficient short runs, less inventory & changeover.
Xcolor™ EG Overview (pdf)


WrapIt™ Counter-Distortion Service
Graphics optimized for shrink labels and multipacks.
WrapIt™ Overview (pdf)


WhiteFX™ Ink Transfer Solution
Whiter whites and brighter overprinted colors for flexible package printers.
WhiteFX™ Overview (pdf)


HD-Gen2™ High Definition Digital Plate System
High-definition flexo plates that compete with offset and gravure printing.
HD-Gen2™ Overview (pdf)

product innovations – corrugate

E-Lift™ Overview

E-Lift™ Mechanical Ejection System
A better die for Evol & Isowa presses, delivered faster.
E-Lift™ Overview (pdf)

CSW Cutting Die Overview

Cutting Die Solutions
Die enhancements: Polytop MX®, edge hardened rule and sustainable dieboard.
Cutting Dies Overview (pdf)


FlexLT™ Integrated Mount
Lightweight integrated mount for faster, safer setups and longer runs.
FlexLT™ Overview (pdf)


X-Corr™ Digital Plate System
Smoother gradations, cleaner reverses and reduced fluting on corrugate.
X-Corr™ Overview (pdf)