visualization services


3D renderings

CSW brings ideas into reality with 3D renderings for packaging built from inputs such as wireframe models, CAD drawings, design files, pencil sketches and product samples. The results cost-effectively engage brand owners and consumers. Perfect for conveying concepts clearly to stakeholders early in the packaging development cycle, these CGI renderings are useful in creating images for market research, merchandising, on-pack branding, advertising and eCommerce.


3Dactive™ pdf

CSW’s unique 3Dactive™ PDFs combine off-the-shelf CAD animation with CGI rendering tools to create universally accessible and interactive PDF files. Using Adobe’s free Reader software, viewers may enlarge, spin and even unpack cartons, bottles, cans, bags, pouches, multipacks and POP displays – all with legible graphics for close-up viewing.

Download a sample PDF for viewing in Acrobat Reader.


cgi rendering

Photorealistic CGI renderings accurately preview package design in hero shots, shelf facings or P.O.P. displays. Once the model is built, CSW can change graphics, lighting, viewpoints and backgrounds to render unlimited iterations and scenarios.


Animation brings products to life in pitch meetings, focus groups, internal communications and instructional videos. These dynamic CGI renderings dismantle language barriers by demonstrating how a display is loaded, showcasing package features and re-creating a shopper’s path to purchase – all in a desktop viewable format.