Strawberry Season for SBS Folding Cartons

Bridge Premedia is growing strawberries.

CSW Bridge is growing strawberries.

Although it may still look and feel like winter in some parts of the U.S., the sun’s rays are now much stronger, and the days are growing longer. Nature is waking up and giving us a new level of energy and creativity. The new season has also brought some exciting changes to our operation.

In March, we installed a Kongsberg XN digital cutting and finishing table, driven by Esko’s i-Cut Suite. When we saw these at DRUPA 2012,  we knew that they would allow CSW Bridge / Bridge Premedia to expand and speed up our die cut prototyping capacity. By integrating these new tools with direct-to-substrate digital printing, Bridge has quadrupled our finishing speed for packaging comps.

Packaging comps being cut on our new Kongsberg table.

Packaging comps being cut on our new Kongsberg table.

To celebrate the launch of our new system, and to showcase its abilities, Bridge’s structural and graphic designers had a great idea: let’s grow some strawberries. They’re a little early for New England, but as always, we try to stay ahead of the curve.

They look so real, you can almost taste them. These digitally printed berries feature multi-level embossing, spot varnish, and intricate diecuts. Packaging with juicy glossiness, luscious color, and sumptuous texture is now possible without waiting for summer – or costly tooling.

Luscious color, juicy gloss.

Luscious color, juicy gloss.

Getting hungry for better prototypes? Head on over to our free sample page and put in your order for a little snack. When you’re ready for more, please contact us for fresh, affordable packaging comps.


Posted by Marek Skrzynski, Director of Graphics R&D

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