Eye-tracking Studies for Packaging

Corrugate Chair at Clemson University IMAGE CREDIT: Renée Walsh

Corrugate Chair at Clemson University IMAGE CREDIT: Renée Walsh

Last month I attended a seminar on process color management for flexo print at Clemson University. It was held at the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, an amazing facility that draws on resources from Clemson’s graphic communications and packaging science departments. Experts from CSW, Inc. have been lecturing on package printing topics at Clemson for many years. CSW’s Director of Graphics R&D, Marek Skrzynski, gave three presentations at this seminar, from the science of color to hands-on demonstrations of measurement tools in the pressroom.
Our hosts at Clemson gave us a tour of the work rooms and research facilities at the Sonoco Institute. Students and faculty work with cutting edge equipment to design and test new processes in packaging development. Oh, and they make some pretty neat furniture…

I found the CUShop to be one of the most fascinating parts of our tour. Here, the university researches consumer decision-making behavior in a retail environment. The CUShop is a store simulation that uses eye-tracking technology to analyze package shape, color, spacing, promotional material and more. You can find a great explanation of eye-tracking technology here from Tobii, who make the glasses that Clemson students use.

Last fall, the CUShop brought their research on a road trip to PackExpo. Watch this video to learn more about the studies conducted there:

If you need to evaluate packaging preferences for an upcoming product launch, brand refresh or in-store promotion, contact the CUShop. They also perform research for private sector clients. And if you need package prototypes for that evaluation, or for focus group research, or for sales samples, consider CSW Bridge. Our comps are realistic, cost-effective, and fast.

In the meantime, happy shopping!

Posted by Renée Walsh, VP Sales & Marketing