CSW 3D Renderings at LabelExpo

CSW 3D Rendering: shrink overwrap and bottleAre you attending LabelExpo Americas 2016 this week? Be sure to stop by Booth 6515 to see the folks at Creative Edge Software. We provided them with some sample files to use in demonstrating the capabilities of iC3D rendering software. We’ve been incorporating this product into our arsenal of 3D rendering tools so that we can help our clients speed up the packaging design process. 3D renderings are not only indispensable for eCommerce, but also can help beverage manufacturers in the following ways:

  • Preview and confirm shrink distortion areas, long before a grid trial
  • Conduct A/B testing – or even A/B/C/D testing of design options
  • Provide merchandising previews to retailers
  • Animated renderings remove language barriers for display set-up

If you miss the show or the booth, we’d be happy to provide a one-on-one demo just for your business.

Contact us today to learn how 3D rendering can can help you get to market faster.


Posted by Karen Leet, MarCom Manager