CSW Cutting Dies Enhanced with Polytop MX

Finish in record time with Polytop MX®

CSW corrugated cutting die with Polytop MX

Your customers demand cleaner bales for intricate, die-cut corrugated packaging and displays – which means you need a CSW cutting die enhanced with Polytop MX.

Developed by engineers in the Netherlands, Polytop MX is a durable ejection material that significantly improves the speed and efficiency of CSW’s steel rule cutting dies for corrugated.

• Reduces cracking
• More efficient stripping
• Faster press speeds
• More durable on long runs

CSW is one of only five vendors in the US who are licensed to use Polytop MX on our flat and rotary cutting dies. Corrugated converters like you report faster press speeds and less board cracking and dimpling, even with high recycled content.

Marathon jobs at sprint speeds.

One CSW cutting die enhanced with Polytop MX has surpassed 2.5 million impressions – running at the same high speed throughout the life of the die!

Short runners with long legs.

Another converter is using Polytop MX on 38″ and 51″ partial dies that are run several times a week. Months later, the scrap drops out straight and clean every time, even at top press speed.

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