E-Lift™ Cutting Dies for Evol and Isowa Presses

CSW E-Lift Mechanical Ejection System - LOGOCSW's E-Lift Mechanical Ejection System for Evol and Isowa Corrugated Cutting Dies

Turbocharged Die-Cutting for Evol and Isowa Presses.

The need for speed.

If you’ve invested in an Evol or Isowa flexo folder-gluer, then speed and efficiency are critical to your operation. Mechanical stripping dies for these presses often require longer lead times for production, however, and are prone to rule failure. CSW’s E-Lift™ cutting dies solve both problems.  

Get on Press Sooner

The E-Lift™ mechanical ejection system (patent pending) provides 30% faster turnaround times for tooling production, so converters get their dies more quickly. Each E-Lift™ die is pre-engineered and for fast changeovers and color-coded with set-up information.

Stay on Press Longer

Unlike other mechanical stripping dies, E-Lift™ uses NO gate holes in the rule to allow for lifters, so components are less vulnerable to stress breaks. Our system does not require large routered voids in the die board, so the integrity and strength of your tooling is maintained. Fewer repairs mean less down time.

How can I learn more?

Download this PDF for more information:   CSW's E-Lift Mechanical Ejection System - Info Sheet Download Link  

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