CSW Cutting Dies and Rapid Response Time Helps Clients Win New Business

If you had the chance to secure a $2.2 million order and eliminate a competitor in the process, what hoops would you be willing to jump through?

This question came up recently for one of our corrugated converter clients. In order to win a multi-million dollar book of business away from a 20-year incumbent supplier, our client committed to turning around a large order of die-cut cartons in just three days.

Luckily, they called CSW, tasking us with producing several Polytop-enhanced rotary cutting dies in less than 24 hours so they could make their delivery date.

We gladly jumped right through the hoop with our client, making them look like heroes to their new customer.

And CSW’s client was so happy, they kindly sent a thank you gift to our cutting die production crew.

CSW cutting die production crew receives thank you gift

We’re ready to help you win new business, too.