Top 10 Best Uses for a Packaging Prototype

CSW Bridge recently conducted a completely unscientific poll to find out how our clients typically use package prototypes. Here’s what we found out:

1)    Hero Comps:    For photo shoots and TV commercials, as well as PR opportunities, there is no substitute for a  packaging prototype to best represent your product.

2)    Focus Group:    To test consumer response to a product package, a physical comp/prototype can provide brand managers and marketers with the solid research results they need.

3)    Shopper Marketing Trial:    The tactile elements of a package, such as weight, surface texture, colors and size all combine to provide a preview of the brand experience of a consumer at the point of purchase.

4)    Sales Pitch:    For in-person sales calls and presentations, sometimes the only thing (short of the finished product) that can close the deal is an exact replica of the finished product.

5)    Planograms:    For live product retail simulation, packaging prototypes are used to build, manage and integrate planograms, providing detailed information to supplement virtual models and space planning software.

6)    Message and Design Evaluation:    During the creative development process, design and messaging variations are viewed as packaging prototypes to facilitate better internal decision making and speed the approval process, saving both time and money.

7)    Trade Shows:    Motivate your salespeople and share your brand experience with CPG retailers, manufacturers and consumers at industry events and trade shows.

8)    Color Verification:        High quality packaging prototypes can be useful in evaluating and confirming brand consistency, and can be the foundation for color studies verifying brand integrity across all relevant brand touchpoints.

9)    Test Markets:        For market research on a larger scale, packaging prototypes can be filled, sealed and finished to be sold at retail for genuine consumer feedback in the real world.

10)     All of the above:    Whatever you use them for, CSW Bridge prototypes provide you with the support you need to connect with clients and consumers.


Posted by Ingar Westburg, Senior Designer