CSW’s Old – New Team Members

We are pleased to announce that two industry veterans are re-joining our ranks this month in Ludlow. After over 20 years since their first employment with CSW, Larry McCarthy and Joe Morin are back to take over some key positions within our technical teams.

Joe is the Operations Manager of the Ludlow Printing Plate Division, while Larry is joining the Profesional Services Team in a CAD workflow support role. Both gentlemen bring over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of success in our industry.

30-year CAD corrugated and folding carton expert Larry McCarthy, after 5 years with CSW back in the 1990s, has held several key positions within our industry. As a software developer, project manager, trainer and technical consultant, he has been recognized for exceptional achievements in providing technical and consulting services to various large and medium-size packaging oriented businesses and brands. Larry takes a new position as Senior Workflow Specialist / CAD SME. We are confident that he will be an excellent match and a strong new asset to our Profesional Services Team. Larry holds an Associate Degree from the University of Phoenix and during his spare time enjoys outdoor photography and camping.
Like Larry, Joe brings an equally impressive number of years of experience in premedia and package printing services. Joe joined CSW initially back in 1990 after graduating from Westfield State College with a degree in Fine Arts with a general concentration in Graphic Design. Since then, he has expanded his experience working as a prepress and printing manager, and later as a VP of Business Development for the various companies in New England. His great combination of print industry knowledge and people skills will be valuable in meeting the Printing Plate Production Department’s goals for growth, profits and partnership development with our vendors and clients. Outside of work, Joe promotes aggressive workouts and a healthy lifestyle.
Please join us in welcoming them back and wishing both of them the best of luck at their new positions.