CSW, Inc. Installs New State-Of-The-Art Laser Cutting System

Ludlow, MA, April 10, 2018 — In response to customers’ growing needs for faster turn-time and increasingly technical cutting dies, CSW, Inc in Ludlow, MA has installed a new PTS Neo laser cutting system from Lasercomb. This laser will facilitate and enhance the speed and quality of cutting-die production. CSW is the first company in North America using this new, state-of-the-art combination laser system for burning both rotary and flat die boards.

CSW has already begun seeing the results of using the high-speed etching, an advanced routering system and topographic scanning to assist with the latest die-cutting technologies. Thanks to technology developed by ROFIN-SINAR, developer and manufacturer of laser sources, CSW’s new laser consumes 90% less gas, helping CSW increase the environmental sustainability of its manufacturing operations.

For the last 80 years CSW has been focused on improving service to their customers by implementing and using new high-end equipment and technologies. CEO Laura Wright whose grandfather founded the company says, “Because we continue to diversify our product and service offerings, invest in R&D and develop our people, CSW has lasted for three generations of family ownership. We’re hoping to keep it going for future generations too”.

CSW works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging premedia services such as EG color separations, HD flexo platemaking, mockups, 3D renderings, and steel rule cutting dies from production facilities across North America and Europe.

Contact: Scott Ellison, President • 800-800-9522   •  scotte@cswgraphics.com