CSW INC. added as trade shop partner in the US for Bellissima DMS

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – Aniken Graphics, a joint venture between Hamillroad Software, a UK based prepress software company, and Apex International, a global leader of anilox and metering products, announces CSW, INC. as the latest partner of Bellissima DMS in the United States market.

“CSW is extremely excited to help bring Bellissima DMS to market in the U.S. We have been evaluating and testing Hamillroad Software’s innovative technology for the past 18 months in conjunction with Apex International’s GTT® engraved anilox rolls and MacDermid Graphics Solution’s LUX® ITP™ 60 plates, and we believe it will revolutionize the flexographic printing marketplace,” says Scott Ellison, President of CSW, INC.

Ellison continues, “CSW has always been seen as an industry leader by bringing new technologies to market along with our partners, so we are eager to collaborate with Hamillroad and Apex as well as with our long-time partner MacDermid.”

CSW is the third approved trade shop for Bellissima DMS for the U.S. market. Family owned and in the flexographic industry for over 80 years, CSW’s commitment to quality and performing the best results are at the core of their organization’s values.

Bellissima DMS, when used with Apex’s GTT rolls, the only certified anilox roll, and the technical expertise of CSW, has proven to be a winning formula with print results rivaling the best.

Joe Settanni, National Business Development Director for Apex International, agrees that this partnership will bring innovation to the industry, “the combination of Bellissima DMS and Apex’s GTT continues to prove this as a disruptive technology for flexo printers with results that rival the quality of offset, digital and gravure. We are pleased to partner with CSW as a certified graphics solutions provider, and the expertise they bring to the program. We very much look forward to working with CSW to provide our customers with the very best in class solution, ultimately providing solutions to grow their businesses”

Printers wishing to test the technology can inquire through www.bellissimadms.com or can contact Apex International or the trade shops for their specific region.

Bellissima DMS
Hamillroad Software’s multi-award-winning Bellissima DMS enables customers very easily to create high-quality prints with unrivaled image reproduction, equivalent to 350-450 lpi, all without color shifts on misregistration.  Further, the screening enables the easy adoption of fixed palette ink printing and delivers smooth flat tints and moiré free prints. Vignettes fade smoothly to nothing enabled by printed highlight dots as low as 1.0% and shadow dots up to 99.5%.

This patent protected screening includes features such as surface patterning options for 100% solids and solid object protection. It significantly reduces or even eliminates typical on-press problems such as bounce, barring, and slur. Bellissima DMS also delivers on ink savings which can be augmented by GCR based software, improving the efficiency of press rooms and utilizing existing printing press equipment.

About Aniken Graphics International
Aniken Graphics International is a joint venture between Apex International, a global anilox and metering solutions provider, and Hamillroad Software Limited, a UK based software company specializing in pre-press solutions. The joint venture has been created to bring Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening into the mainstream flexographic market. www.anikengraphics.com

About Apex
Apex International is a global leader of anilox, glue set, and metering products and print maintenance solutions. With 5 production facilities on 4 continents, a strong portfolio of clients in over 80 countries and a high-performance continuous improvement culture, Apex’s value proposition is founded on developing solutions to satisfy the complex challenges our customers face every day. www.aianilox.com

About Hamillroad
Hamillroad Software is a global supplier of software solutions for the prepress industry. Hamillroad solutions help customers save time and money during all stages of the printing process while also improving the final printed image fidelity. Hamillroad Software specializes in Digitally Modulated Screening which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing. Hamillroad Software has its headquarters in Cambridge, UK and partners with resellers and OEMs worldwide to distribute and sell their solutions. For more information on Hamillroad and their products, please visit their website at www.hamillroad.com

About CSW, INC.
CSW works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging pre-media services such as EG color separations, HD flexo platemaking mockups, 3D renderings and steel rule cutting dies from production facilities across North America. www.cswgraphics.com