CSW Executive Team presenting in Helsinki during INSIGHT’18

In September, our Executive Team; Laura Wright, CEO and Scott Ellison, CSW president traveled to Finland to participate in the “INSIGHT” seminar, organized for a 5th time in Helsinki by our partner Marvaco. The “INSIGHT” events are annual reviews of the packaging industry’s core elements, as well as new trends.  This year’s seminar was titled “Expanded personality of brand packaging” and its main focus was on the role of digitalization and personalization for brand packaging. The event started with presentations of Antti Mikkilä and Kai Lankinen, both from Marvaco Executive Team. Among the invited speakers, Scott Ellison was talking about a large scale packaging launch with help of Expanded Color Gamut printing and a increasingly growing role of the 3D-CGI in e-commerce application. Using few examples from a recent projects, Ellison pointed out the importance of profiling the printing presses, auditing existing or creating new quality standards and  determining brand goals before the actual launch of commercialization process. In the second presentation he showcased CSW’s new 3D-CGI system, tailored as a cost-effective solution for North American brands interested in engaging in the e-commerce market. The audience of 120 participants from 40 different European brands, was especially interested in discussing the differences between pre-press procedures in United States and Finland, as well as changing the role of packaging management in the online-retail space.