CSW Announces Select Vendor Partnership with Poly MX

Select Partnership Allows CSW to Offer PolyTop MX® Ejection Material for Faster, More Durable Corrugated Cutting Dies


Ludlow, MA, July 13, 2015 – – Packaging premedia firm CSW, Inc. has been approved as a North American partner of Poly MX, a European manufacturer of premium ejection materials for cutting dies. While running a CSW die using Polytop MX® ejection material, die-cutters were able to reduce anvil pressure, resulting in faster runs with fewer cracking and stripping issues. Polytop MX is an extremely durable ejection material, making it a good fit for high volume die-cutting. “Our customers are seeing faster, longer runs with less down time and fewer repairs,” notes CSW production manager John Dombkowski.

CSW Edge Rotary Die with Polytop MX

After months of field testing, CSW recognized the benefits of Polytop MX to their customers and signed on as a select North American partner. Although this ejection material has been winning over the European market for several years, Poly MX has been cautious about choosing teammates abroad. The company prefers to work only with die makers who demonstrate a strong commitment to quality. In return, Poly MX provides its manufacturing partners with not only an inventory of premium ejection material, but also training and engineering support. Currently, CSW is one of just five cutting die manufacturers who are licensed to offer Polytop MX in the US.

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Posted by Karen Leet, MarCom Manager