Xcolor™ Extended Gamut Separations & Pressroom Support

CSW Xcolor Extended Gamut Separations

Xcolor™ Extended Gamut Process for Packaging

Expand your color gamut – and your client list.

Implementing an EG workflow can be challenging without an experienced guide. Printers who use Xcolor™ hit fewer stumbling blocks, reduce costs, and meet their clients’ needs for short-run regional, seasonal, or personalized promotions.

Pre-press Expertise

CSW has supported wide and narrow web printers with thousands of extended gamut print projects since 2011. Because our workflow is built for calibrated EG display and output, there are no surprises on press. Xcolor™ operators use spectro-based data and decades of color management experience to optimize every separation.


On-press Benefits

Unlike previous versions of EG print technology, Xcolor™ is not dependent on press or ink manufacturer, and there are no licensing fees. Xcolor™ separations can open up the process color gamut and replicate 80-90% of the Pantone library, using a 7/c fixed palette of CMYK + Orange, Green and Violet. The fixed ink set means printers reduce ink inventory and gain productivity with less changeover. It also means more flexibility for brands who need to run multiple designs across a single web.


Post-press Support

To ensure continued success, CSW offers post-run ImageLab™ score-carding and a printer certification program. Certified printers receive onsite training and pressroom support, in addition to Xcolor™ separations. CSW personnel are also available for technical presentations to other stakeholders.


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